Families in times of accelerated societal and demographic changes

Monteortone, Abano Terme (Pd, Italy), 11-14 January 2023

A workshop involving early-stage researchers, organised jointly by the University of Lausanne and Padova

Families in times of accelerated societal and demographic changes

The objective of this workshop is to allow early career scholars and senior researchers to discuss in both formal and informal ways cutting-edge papers, suggesting new hypothesis, specific case studies, comparative studies around the themes of family changes in challenging times.

The broad questions to be addressed are:

  • What are the consequences of external shocks and demographic changes on individual family life courses?
  • What are the challenges for changes in family relationships and values?
  • And what are the consequences of such behaviours for family dynamics and also for individuals wellbeing within families?

During this 3-day seminar, up to 28 participants are led:

  • to familiarize with the state-of-the-art of family studies, presented by the senior speakers, and
  • to present and discuss their own papers in an stimulating environment made up of a mix of senior and junior scholars,
  • to improve their own work through the inputs received and the discussion at the residential workshop.
  • To get to discuss more general questions about data availability and publication opportunities for family scholars

10 full grants to attend the seminar will be offered to 10 talented Ph.D students, post doc students and early career  researchers on competitive basis